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This site is created by Judge Dennis Neil Smith of the St. Louis County Family Court in Clayton, Missouri.

This site serves as a resource for forms creation and implementation.  It is not meant to be a source for forms to be used by self-represented litigants in courts.  Certainly, the listing of forms by states provide a resource for pro se litigants, but they are included primarily so that individuals creating forms can see examples of forms from all states.

2 Responses to About Us

  1. Natasha Orender says:

    I’m currently trying to change my infant son’s last name to his biological dad’s last name now since we have a paternity test completed. Which forms do I need to fill out and submit to the courts?

    • Frets says:

      There are currently no Missouri forms available to change a minor’s name. If your son was born in Missouri, you can add the biological father’s name to your son’s birth certificate by filing an affidavit acknowledging paternity with the Missouri Division of Health and Senior Services. This form is available at http://www.selfrepresent.mo.gov.

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