Creation of Smart Missouri Family Court Forms for Self-Represented Litigants

Creation of the Interactive Versions of the Approved Forms

After the forms are approved by the Missouri Supreme Court, Judge Dennis Neil Smith of the St. Louis Family Court creates interactive versions of these forms using Adobe Acrobat Professional X. These forms are in PDF format and can be filled in online. Users must have a version of Adobe Acrobat Standard or Professional to save the information that is entered on these forms. The forms can be completed using the free version of Adobe Reader available at, but the information that is entered on these forms cannot be saved in Adobe Reader.

The interactive versions of these forms usually contain most of the forms that an individual may need to file a particular type of case. They may also include some forms that are not required in your particular case. Local courts may require other forms such as filing information sheets, summons requests, etc. You should make sure that you file all required documents with your court.

The interactivity of the forms is created by writing computer code in Javascript which is embedded in the interactive forms. In the current dissolution of marriage forms, there are 110,107 lines of Javascript code. Judge Smith is the sole programmer for the interactive forms. Even though the forms themselves may be freely duplicated, the interactive versions are subject to copyright protection. If you attempt to resell the interactive versions of these forms, you will be violating the law. Any questions or comments concerning the interactivity on these forms should be directed to Judge Smith at 7900 Carondelet, Division 40, Clayton, Missouri, 63105.

Click here to view the interactive forms.

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