Using PDF Forms

Documents in PDF format can be read by many programs, but the most common program that is used to read PDF documents is Adobe Reader.  This is a free program created by Adobe.  You may obtain this free program by clicking here:

You will not be able to save the information that you enter into any of the smart forms if you are using Adobe Reader unless the form has been reader enabled.  The forms on this site have been reader enabled.  If you want to be able to save the information you enter on the smart forms and the form has not been reader enabled, then you must purchase either Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Apple computers have a PDF preview program pre-installed.  Information cannot be entered into the smart forms using this program.  To properly use the forms, you should download Adobe Reader.

There is no version of Adobe Reader available for the iPad or iPhone and so the smart forms do not work on these devices.

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  1. krystal hall says:

    Need a pdl temporary custody form asap

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